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ISE310 SP08 Assignment 01 samples 5/11/2009 These are two examples of each question from four different students – since I asked you to imagine these there are no strictly right or wrong answers. However, there can be more or less thought put into it and the push/pull question does have correct parts – ordering in anticipation of sales is push and buying by the customer or from the website to the distributor are pull, unless the website orders in anticipation as well. 1. You have just purchased an iPod nano at an Apple store. Write two pages of your conception of all the various activities that were required to make that product available to you at that store. (2 points) Before an iPod nano appears in an apple store ready for purchases, it has passed through various stages which involved management planning, design team, financial department, manufacturing processes and so on. Yet, the initial starting point is to decide what type and which product to be made. After that, it goes to the research part. Different tasks are spread into different specified departments. For instance, marketing department research on existing products, financial department looks into material and labor costs, human factors department examine designs with anthropometric data, engineers propose assembling technique, and lastly design team comes up with color and aesthetics. So, the collaboration of these specialties creates the specification of the product. With the specification, the main designers can brainstorm, and come up with some brilliant, fresh ideas. In order to obtain the best design and concept, it requires an evaluation of the initial ideas. The ultimate design has to fulfill most of the specification with an acceptable production cost, hence, it can be batch produced. When the best design is chosen, it still needs further development to achieve a standard that is close to perfection. Then, there will be the final design of an iPod nano. Next, the design will be sent for production in a factory. Before manufacturing processes begin, the factory needs to order certain raw materials or parts from suppliers. The memory chip/disc might be fabricated by Apple, but, the color cases might be ordered from suppliers. It will be faster to assemble some ready made parts with other components than making every component. Sometimes a factory might not have all the resources or machineries to fabricate every component.
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