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GPS 136 Lecture 02-19-08

GPS 136 Lecture 02-19-08 - We had no representatives in...

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We had no representatives in China. o US appointed Europeans Britain tried very hard during 1939, ‘40, ’41 to get the US into the war Korea, Korean War Elections took place in South Korea but not North Korea North Korea probably wouldn’t have invaded if it didn’t have the support of Russia and China US didn’t recognize China until the Nixon period Dean Achenson, Secretary of State o Outlined the threats of countries in the pacific Overlooked Korea, they thought the US probably wouldn’t interfere with the invasion Russia was The Berlin Airlift Russians controlled the roads in eastern Germany So the US started the airlift to aid Berlin NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Agreement o Turkey and Greece were also included o Aimed at stopping the expansion of the Soviet Union US recognized West Germany as a country This annoyed Russia, NATO and the Berlin Airlift Some people say that China pushed North Korea to invade South Korea
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