GPS 136 Lecture 02-21-08

GPS 136 Lecture 02-21-08 - Vietnam A Greek tragedy in five...

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Vietnam A Greek tragedy in five acts Because there were five presidents o Truman, Kennedy, North Vietnam invaded the South French had control Invasion was a watershed Truman began to financially help the French US was giving the French 500 million dollars, same as 1939 defense budget US eventually footed the whole bill Ho Chi Ming was not a communist Was most impressed by the US Toyed with the idea of forming a constitution like the US Had a very keen sense to Chinese power French were defeated in 1954 Despite all the help Threatened that if the US doesn’t help more, they will use the war Eisenhower just resolved the Korean war and didn’t want the US going to Vietnam But US did establish SETO south east treaty organization Help the French and have a front against communism After the French were defeated, the US knew they had to do something Agreement to separate North and South Vietnam at the 17 th parallel 1956, elections will take place in Vietnam Ho Chi Ming though he would be dominant and people would vote for him He was very well liked among his people US did not sign agreement, only Vietnam and France US never saw how the Vietnamese saw the war US saw it as north Vietnam with the help of Russia and china trying to spread communism Our country was going through a period of McCarthy Communists around the US were seen as a huge threat
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GPS 136 Lecture 02-21-08 - Vietnam A Greek tragedy in five...

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