GPS 136 Lecture 02-28-08

GPS 136 Lecture 02-28-08 - Disarmament Very hard to...

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Disarmament Very hard to decrease because countries see it as a from of security Only obsolete weapons are given up so new technologies can be Gender and War Most people tend to think that war has been historically dominated by men In recent times, women have been allowed to interact more with the military but it is still dominated by men Many people equate manliness with war and literalism Important decisions are decided by the elite Thomas Dye, wrote a book on who is ruling America Who governs America, and who governs America now They control government and economies, education, entertainment business, media etc. More than 40 years after the women’s movement, the elite are still mostly dominated by white Anglo-Saxons In WWII, many women were employed in non-military sectors of the government But after the war most of them were fired to allow the men jobs when they got back from the war No where close to 50% women to men in the cabinets Women have not excelled Many old women identify with Hillary Clinton but new women do not
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GPS 136 Lecture 02-28-08 - Disarmament Very hard to...

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