GPS 136 Lecture 03-04-08

GPS 136 Lecture 03-04-08 - What did Stossenger say the...

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What did Stossenger say the reason why Iraq invaded Iran was? Some reasons Iraq shares its only access to the Persian Gulf with Iran and Kuwait Iraq was pushed to share the waterway Sha promised not to support the Kurds in Iraq Saddam became president in 1979 It was a territorial problem Iranian revolution in 1979 Everyone, the general public, was against the Shaw except for the governing elite Opposition against the Shaw because he was a dictator He poured a lot of oil money into industrialization Also poured money into defense 3trillion dollar war Accumulated a lot of weapons from US, UK, and anyone who would sell him weapons So US wouldn’t have to send troops He took on the religious establishment, iotola, shia, They were able to get rid of the Shaw The regime that took the Shaw’s place was even more authoritarian In 1979, they were purging the armed forces An authoritarian president keeps his power unless the military defects Shaw wasn’t loyal but Saddam was During the Shaw, the only loyalty came from the generals and military leaders The Iranian islamist government was encouraging people to revolt This prompted Saddam to invade 1. Territorial agreement 2. Iatola position on trying to spread revolution 3. Iran was weak Invade Iran, they will sue for peace, then Iraq will get a better agreement The US was helping both sides
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GPS 136 Lecture 03-04-08 - What did Stossenger say the...

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