GPS 137 04-15-08

GPS 137 04-15-08 - Media Coverage of War Corporate Earnings...

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Media Coverage of War Corporate Earnings Where does the media fall short? Gulf War and the Current Iraq war Gulf War 1.Media coverage of the Gulf War did not start until 1991 It was probably the biggest, most expensive and sustained undertaking in both the electronic and printed media 2.Media coverage rallied the public behind the war while promoting the illusion that what we were watching in our living rooms was what was happening in the Middle East 3.The coverage was one sided. The American administration and its military restricted the media and effectively managed the news One story, young woman testified b4 congress, saw the soldiers of Saddam throwing Kuwaiti babies on the floor so they could take the incubators back to Iraq, The woman turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. There was no rationing among the media The coverage was one sided Bush Sr. said that it was a national interest to intervene Kuwait gained its independence from the British 4.A food public relations firm could not have done a better job than the administration did in managing and monitoring what the public heard and saw Bush called Saddam, Sadam Media tried to link Saddam to Hitler 5. In its pre war coverage media reporting was largely a repetition of the administration and the pentagon position. The media swallowed the administration’s line
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GPS 137 04-15-08 - Media Coverage of War Corporate Earnings...

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