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Wealth In the US, Richest 1% owns 1/3 of the wealth Food and energy prices have increased Southern countries in Africa are the poorest Deprivation, Degradation are a result of poverty Robert Hiemblemer, What it’s like to be poor in the US compared to world poverty standards Invade house, everything goes, all electronics, left with a few old blankets, a wood table and chair, take away clothes, all but the man’s oldest suit, all water and electricity shut off, then the house is taken away, and the family moves to the shed, The poor in the US are rich compared to other poor people in poor countries The body requires 2000 calories a day to replenish energy used Many in the world do not receive 2000 calories Mortgage crisis, easy to blame the victim, companies that loaned the money should
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Unformatted text preview: take some responsibility • Global inequality also causes many wars • Civil war in Nigeria • Poverty causes strife • Many people die from simple curable diseases • Some companies have begun to donate money to solve poverty issues around the world • Corruption is also a result of poverty • One of the main reasons for poverty is population growth • World population reached 1 bil in the 1830’s, and 2 bil in the 1930’s • It is now 6 billion • Colonization and Imperialism caused many problems • Watch Gandhi, British land owners in India didn’t suffer, only the peasants • Many colonizers exploited the natural resources of a colony •...
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