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Health Population Growth through history 5 million in10,000BC, 906 million in 1800, 1,608 in 1900, 3,698 million in 1970, 6,090 million in 2000, 9,370 million in 2050 (projected) The growth rate has increased over time, peaking in 1970 and has been declining since As the population grows, natural resources diminish, quality of life decreases (air, climate, congestion, food supply) Causes of human growth Demographic transition, stages, Stage one, Early stable , fertility and mortality rates are high, mortality rates vary widely in different locations, 30-35 years life expectancy, infant mortality rates were high, population growth just over replacement Stage two, Early expanding , population growth surpasses replacement, the invention of soap saved lives, diseases were controlled better, nutrition was improved, drainage of land helped reduce mosquitoes that carried diseases, transportation production etc improved Stage three, Late expanding , deaths are continuing to decrease, life expectancy has
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