Fine lines - WRC 1013 Wood 5:30 P.M. Fine Lines The...

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WRC 1013 Wood – 5:30 P.M. Fine Lines The touchiness of certain multiple subjects may sometimes be compared to the thickness of a line. Religion, philosophy, and ethics are three of such subjects. The thickness of a line is used to define how touchy some subjects are. Most definitely, there is a fine line between religion, philosophy, and ethics. The entire globe is a melting-pot of diverse religions; each with a different deity or set of beliefs unique to the way of life of each. Ethics; an individual set of what is right and what is wrong, also a defining factor in one’s point of view, is similar to religion. In accordance with religion and ethics lies philosophy. Philosophy is when he/she questions life itself but also flees from religion and goes for a more scientific approach. These three topics have enough of a manifold of likenesses and unlike nesses to fill Noah’s Ark; however they also have a plethora of similarities. After September, 11 th 2001 there has been great speculation upon the Islamic religion. Since the terrorists who attacked the United States were of Islam, Muslims as a whole are being stereotyped as terrorists. Even though every Muslim is not a terrorist, some individuals still associate them with their terrorist counterparts. Upon discussing
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Fine lines - WRC 1013 Wood 5:30 P.M. Fine Lines The...

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