avsc 2150 essay #1 - AVSC 21250 Essay 1 Bowing to Boeing...

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AVSC 21250 Essay 1 Bowing to Boeing Paris, France: 2002. The Paris Air Show is in full swing. Aircraft manufacturers and companies from across the world debut the latest, most advanced technology to hit the aerospace industry. In opposite corners two of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world are preparing to unveil their newest commercial passenger airliners to the public, and the world. Their names are synonymous with “ground-breaking”, “earth-shattering”, and “state-of-the-art”. The two companies are Boeing and Airbus. Airbus has just revealed their newest jetliner: the A380. Airbus promises that the A380 will be top of the line. “Greener. Cleaner. Quieter. Smarter.”. Boeing is not about to be out-done. At the same time, on the opposite end of the Paris Air Show, Boeing releases plans for their Sonic Cruiser. The two competing manufacturers are developing the most advanced aircraft conceived. Shortly after the 2002 Paris Air Show, Boeing reveals that the Sonic Cruiser concept is toast. There will be no more Sonic Cruiser. When the press gets their paws on this, they take it too far. Airbus seems more confident than ever in their A380. In a press- release, Boeing announces that the proposed Sonic Cruiser was not a waste. Boeing proclaims that their newest jetliner, the Dreamliner, has adopted much of the plans from the Sonic Cruiser. Boeing adapts. Boeing is in direct competition with Airbus. They both boast that their technology trumps the other. The reason for the rivalry is that they are both after the same market. Collectively, Boeing and Airbus are actively vying for the capture of the market of:
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avsc 2150 essay #1 - AVSC 21250 Essay 1 Bowing to Boeing...

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