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GPS 137 06-03-08

GPS 137 06-03-08 - future incompetence and illiteracy will...

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06/03/08 Kuwaiti oil fires Soot from the blazes was 4 times larger than carbon emissions in the US for one day Chernobyl disaster wasn’t as bad The soot affected many lives and devastated life all around 69 Oil spill in Santa Barbara Polluted beaches with gobs of oil The sea doesn’t heal easily but the desert takes forever The current war has also caused a great deal of damage After the Beirut civil war, almost every building had scars of the war You could see the pollution from the Lebanese civil war Human beings should be able to control and eliminate war The earth looses many hectares of forest a year It also looses many tons of top soil Fresh water supply is also diminishing Al gore, has huge house but uses all green energy Small cars Affordable clean energy US has a comparative advantage in producing omputers Education is getting so expansive that poor citizens won’t be able to afford it in the
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Unformatted text preview: future, incompetence and illiteracy will hurt the world even more • If you solve small problems, there is a greater chance of creating peace; such as: • Equality, economic inequality, religion, • All of these cause so much war and violence that it seems that it could be easily fixed • The few things that separate us compared to the many things that we have in common • We need to solve these problems • Make peace with the earth • If you’re going to do a non violent act, it doesn’t come naturally, you have to have been trained to do it, Gandhi • This education starts early in elementary school or earlier • Education to respect others can help deter violence • Things have changes immensely over the last 30 years, • Minorities and women have made it through...
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