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Unformatted text preview: irst possible animals ~600 Ma, Early animals (embryos, burrows) ~575 Ma, Complex soft-bodied forms are found soft(Edi Ediacaran f fauna...) fauna...) 11 2/19/2008 Ediacaran fauna Made famous from the Pound Quartzite, Ediacara Hills, South Australia Hills, Strange preservation, primarily impressions in sandstone soft bodied Controversial: What are they? Do they represent living phyla, or are they different? Plural of phylum Crown vs. stem groups An important distinction crown Stem groups can have their St h th i own distinct autapomorphies, in autapomorphies, addition to the synapomorphies synapomorphies they share with crown groups RIP stem RIP RIP Thus, they will look strange with mixtures of characters Note: early eukaryotic fossils likely represented stem group eukaryotes 12 2/19/2008 Ediacaran fauna, cont. Abundant, widespread Abundant widespread, diverse ~575 Ma through 575 to end of Proterozoic Disappear at Precambrian/Cambrian boundary Extinction? Preservational issue? What are they? Animals (crown group...
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