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Preservational issue what are they animals crown

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Unformatted text preview: s) Separate `kingdom' a failed experiment in multicellularity Lichens, fungi, jellyfish, corals...? Likely a variety of things--mostly stem group animals things--mostly Ediacaran `discs' ? Stem group cnidaria (= jellyfish, corals, anemones) "Stranded jellyfish?" 13 2/19/2008 Ediacaran `frond-like animals' `frondFrond = "leaf like" http://en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Pennatulacea A modern sea pen ("soft coral") Dickinsonia Charnia More stem group cnidaria? Charniodiscus We'll return to these groups later Ediacaran `other' Stem mollusk? Stem arthropod? Stem trilobite? Parvancorina Kimberella Spriggina 14 2/19/2008 Prelude to the Cambrian Explosion There are plenty of Precambrian p y fossils, which indicate a long history during which life evolved (score one for Darwin!) There are even Precambrian animals And shelled animals (i e hard (i.e. parts) were around before the Cambrian First Shelly Fossils Cloudina Just before the Cambrian (~544 Ma) Carbonate (CaCO3) tube ?Worm ?Cnidarian Taxonomic affinities in dispute 100...
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