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Disabled Children - Many children these days are born with...

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Many children these days are born with disabilities. Some are visually impaired, some are deaf-mutes, and some have other kinds of disabilities like dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD. It is especially interesting to me how people overcome these disabilities and live their lives almost like any one else. It is interesting how many people suffer from these kinds of disabilities, and how they learn how to work through their disabilities and try learning in different ways. There are hundreds of reasons for a person to have difficulties with reading and writing, this paper is focused on how these disabilities affect the writing process of many kids around the world. What disabilities do a lot of these children have that causes them struggle in writing or spelling? How are these disabilities affecting the writing of these impaired children? Some children are born with vision impairment or they become ill shortly after birth and become blinded. Some people are victims to accidents and their vision is impaired that way. In the 1800’s most blind and deaf people were completely unable to associate with the real society, because a writing structure was not yet invented. At that time a very special man lived his name was Luis Braille. Braille was a blind man himself who was actually very intellectual. Determined to become more than a beggar in the streets, Braille began attending a school for the blind. During those times, the schools only taught them how to make things to earn some kind of a living, and they learned how to read only. Letters were embossed in books so that the blind could feel the letters with their fingertips. This process was difficult to learn and very time consuming. After a few years, Luis Braille discovered the writing system used by military soldiers to pass along information without speaking to one another, and give away their positions. Braille became very interested in this style of writing, and after a few years, he had a complete
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alphabet, based on the military style but also easier for everyone to understand. Braille became the most popular way for the blind to finally learn how to read and write efficiently. Braille is still used now days, and will probably be considered one of the most efficient ways for reading and writing without vision.
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