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demonstration speech - c Told me History of Angel Food Cake...

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Zachary Motley Speech June 2 nd 2008 Demonstration Speech I. Connection to Angel Food Cake a. Elementary School i. Mom made sweets everyday after school ii. Excited to get off bus and find out what mom made b. Personal Favorite i. Angel Food Cake II. Getting Started a. Materials Needed b. Ingredients c. Cleanliness III. 1 st Step a. Sift flower and confectioners sugar together (3x) i. Set aside IV. 2 nd Step a. Egg Whites i. Remove yoke from eggs b. Mix (manually) i. Usually use a mechanical mixer ii. Very long and hard to do V. Grandma and Grandpa visit a. Mom forgot to make treats i. Grandma says we can make Angel Food Cake b. Grandma and I worked all afternoon i. Had to beat eggs manually (took turns)
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Unformatted text preview: c. Told me History of Angel Food Cake i. Started in 1870s in Penn. ii. Slaves made it because of the time it took to foam eggs d. Grandma pass the next year i. Angel Food Cake was eaten at the funeral ii. Dutch Tradition since the 1800s VI. 3 rd Step a. Sift ¼ of the flower/sugar mixture over eggs b. Pour into pan c. Bake for 30-35 minutes i. Or until wooden stick rule d. Invert Pan on wire rack to cool i. Find out if correctly made during cooling VII. Conclusion a. Serving styles i. Strawberries ii. Blueberries b. Grandma serves it i. Ice cream and chocolate syrup c. Enjoy...
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