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Chinese Imagination Paper 2 - Paper 2 PROFESSOR GEORGE...

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Paper 2 PROFESSOR GEORGE HAYDEN ARLT-100 Chinese Imagination April 28 th 2005 Human Administration of Justice In ancient China, justice was always a very important element in people’s lives. In the tradition Chinese stories covered in class, there are examples of justice in the form of supernatural powers. Supernatural interference plays a huge part in justice of the different stories. A good example would be the story “Han P’ing and His Wife” in the category of “The Reunited Couple”. When King K’ang orders that the graves of Han P’ing and his wife to be separated, facing each other, there is a supernatural interference coming into play. A large catalpa tree grows on the top of each grave and they are large enough to embrace in ten days with their trunks bending toward each other, roots intertwined, and branches interlocked. In addition, a male and a female mandarin ducks are living in the trees day and night. It is possibly their fate that they are a couple no matter what, even if the King deliberately separates them, and ultimately they are reunited with some unnatural help from a third party. This is an illustration of justice administered by supernatural powers. It seems that there is someone, perhaps God in heaven, taking control over all these issues which leads to ultimate justice. However, these are all fictions with too much of the supernatural interference.
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Besides justice with the interference of supernatural powers, there are also examples of justice under human administration. Lord Pao in “Lion Cub Lane” is a very appropriate example of this. In the story of “Lion Cub Lane”, the word “justice” regains its meaning with the help from the famous Lord Pao in Northern Sung dynasty. Lord Pao is an unusual Chinese character who treats
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Chinese Imagination Paper 2 - Paper 2 PROFESSOR GEORGE...

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