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Global Battle of Cowpens

Global Battle of Cowpens - The Battle of Cowpens took place...

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The Battle of Cowpens took place January 17, 1781. The battle is considered to be the turning point of the American Revolution in the South, that ultimately helped led to the defeat of the British at Yorktown. The British had been gaining little or no ground in their campaigns in the North and decided to revise their strategy. They turned to the South, where they believed that with the backing of Southern Loyalists they could sweep the South and then conquer the North. For awhile, this strategy worked as the British captured Savannah, Charleston, and Camden (in South Carolina). At the time under the overall command of George Washington, General Nathanael Greene was in charge of the Southern army. Greene split his forces and sent half with General Morgan to cut off the British supply lines. The British in the South were under the leadership of General Cornwallis, who countered Greene’s move by sending Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton to stop Gen. Morgan. Tarleton had located Gen. Morgan’s force and had caught up to him at Cowpens. Cowpens is a pastureland,
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