Global Civil war

Global Civil war - Missouri Compromise By 1818 the Missouri...

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Missouri Compromise By 1818, the Missouri Territory’s population had grown large enough to be a legitimate candidate for admission into the Union. The population was made up largely of southerners because of this it was thought that Missouri would be a slave state. In 1819 Alabama was admitted as a slave state and made the balance of slave and none slave states equal. Since Maine and was going to join the Union and would be a free state it was purposed that to maintain an equal balance Missouri would become a slave state. Missouri entered the Union in 1821 after pledging not to put anything in its constitution that would abridge the rights of citizens of the United States. However there was a clause in the bill that would prohibit slavery in the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase north of 36, 30 N lat. This act lasted until the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed it in 1854. Mexican War The main cause of the war was the U.S. annexation of Texas in 1845. Although there were other factors, which played a role such as, property loss as a result of Mexican revolutions; U.S. ambition as stated by President Polk after acquiring California. A negotiation sent by President Polk, named John Slidell to Mexico however, Mexico declined to negotiate. The U.S. decided to take action and was supported by imperialists and people who wanted slavery in new territories. Mexico was unable to make a united front after being divided by civil war and lost the war. Nicholas P. Trist, who was negotiating was called back by President Polk but ignored the order and finished P. 2
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negotiations, which resulted in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. Under the treaty Mexico gave the U.S. 2/5 of its territory and received an indemnity of $15 million
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Global Civil war - Missouri Compromise By 1818 the Missouri...

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