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Global Civil War 1 - secede from the Confederacy and...

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The Confederacy won the Civil War in 1866 after gaining aid from Britain. The Capital was moved from Richmond, Virginia back to Montgomery, Alabama where it was originally located. After Jefferson Davis’s six year tenure came to an end, General Lee was elected to office. With the support of the entire Confederacy Lee, made all Northern states ratify the South’s constitution. The constitution put a made slavery legal and provided a stronger emphasis on states rights but did establish a federal government. Northern states were forced to pay for all the damage done during the war and government officials, who worked with the Union during the Civil War were not allowed to hold office. When WWI started many of the states came into conflict. In many Northern states uneasy feeling lingered against the South. They used WWI as a reason to
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Unformatted text preview: secede from the Confederacy and another Civil War broke out. The war lasted only a year and the North won because it was still the industry center of the country, while the South continued to be agrarian based. With the advent of the machine gun and trench warfare the North was able to win the war because it was able to produce more machine guns and more troops. After the end of the second Civil War the nation came together realizing that slavery was not as productive as modern machinery. After this the United States started to become an international power. When WWII began some South factions joined up with Communists but that government rounded up all the dissenters and sent them to Nevada, where they were used as lab rats for nuclear weapon testing. Soon after the United States dropped the bomb on Japan and the war was over....
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