Global Progressive era

Global Progressive era - The Progressive Era took place...

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The Progressive Era took place between 1890 (the assassination of President McKinley) and 1914 (the beginning of WWI). It was a time in, which many reformers emerged to get rid of the problems, had been created during the “Gilded Age.” Industrialization had caused problems with unemployment and laborers were often being exploited by big business. The rise of new immigrants from southern and eastern Europe moving to cities intensified the already unhealthy living conditions in many cities. Progressives were usually middle-class professionals, who tried to help spread middle class values to improve society. The Progressive Era was made up of many efforts to reform different parts of society. Progressives thought that better education would lead to more productive citizens, which would in turn better society. One reformer named John Dewey believed that the children should learn by doing and that this would teach them how to better apply knowledge. Other reformers like Charles Eliot developed teaching techniques such as, seminars that would help people get more out of what was being taught. The settlement house movement was led by Jane Addams (Addams was also vice president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People otherwise known as NAACP) ( ). Like other women, who had graduated from college she had trouble finding meaningful
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Global Progressive era - The Progressive Era took place...

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