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Test 2 Review - Speech Exam 2 Review Why study delivery?...

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Speech Exam 2 Review Why study delivery? Explain fully the five reasons 1. It make s a difference in how the audience receives the message 2. Enables us to understand accidental communication 3. Enhances audience understanding of the subject 4. Effect on audience attitude changes 5. Enhances the speakers ethos Discuss the effect of delivery on attitude change - Good delivery alone does not change attitudes, but allows for more desired audience attitude change than poor delivery, when combined with good content - Good message content – well structured, evidence, support materials - Odiferous content – no support for assertions, unclear message of point Describe and fully explain the nature of good delivery - Cannot be defined in a significant and meaningful way, but it is easily recognized when present - Naturalness – be yourself and do what comes naturally to you o Does not call attention to itself or seem strange and distract the audience o Different for every person, but is critical to good delivery - Good Conversational Quality – people are better conversationalists than speakers o Presentation of thoughts, not words, and put your thoughts into words on the spot Audience not focused on your exact words, only on your ideas and message, which is what they will remember o Maintain good eye contact o You only converse when you want to Describe and fully explain each of the four elements of good delivery 1. Eye contact – allows the speaker to read the audience and adapt the speech to them 2. Effective use of the voice – always avoid the extremes a. Volume – loud enough for all to hear b. Rate – avoid the extremes (not too fast to understand or too slow to be boring) c. Pitch – variety of the voice d. Articulation and pronunciation – including proper emphasis e. Fluency – voice should flow smoothly but don’t have to talk constantly i. Avoid disruptive sounds/words (‘uh’) f. The pause – useful just before or after making a point so the audience can catch up and adds emphasis 3. Effective bodily action
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Test 2 Review - Speech Exam 2 Review Why study delivery?...

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