Final Cases

Final Cases - Marbury v. Madison Plessy v. Ferguson Brown...

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Marbury v. Madison Judicial Review first used Plessy v. Ferguson Upheld “separate but equal” doctrine Brown v. Board of Education Overturned Plessy , public school segregation violates Equal Protection Clause - separate facilities inherently different Heart of Atlanta Motel v U.S. Prohibited racial discrimination, it inhibits commerce South Dakota v. Dole Spending power used to get state compliance McCulloch v. Maryland Implied Powers first recognized Lawrence v. Texas “Consenting adults” have right to privacy and to engage in sexual acts Miranda v. Arizona Suspects must be told their rights prior to arrest and questioning Grutter v. Bollinger Affirmative action allowed because one of many factors for diverse student body Gratz v. Bollinger Affirmative action not allowed because part of a quota system Roe v. Wade Woman’s right to privacy in abortion decision, states must show compelling interest to limit Gideon v. Wainwright Guarantees right to counsel if possible punishment includes imprisonment
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