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Test 1 Review - Speech Test 1 Review Process of...

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Speech Test 1 Review 1. Process of Communication diagram 2. Noise at the three levels of communication process: a. Level A – Syntactic – something that prevents hearing the speech i. Speaker’s voice volume or distracting visuals b. Level B – Semantic – prevents understanding of the subject i. Audience doesn’t understand the symbols and interprets incorrectly c. Level C – Pragmatic – audience rejects the speaker’s ideas 3. Internal stimuli come from within the audience and external stimuli are not from the audience, such as the speaker or the location/surroundings. 4. Laws that govern the control of attention: a. Intensity – intense preferred over weaker (enthusiasm, language) b. Size – bigger preferred over smaller (voice, comparisons) c. Change – moving preferred over still (voice, movements, gestures) d. Familiarity – familiar preferred over strange (relate strange topics to something familiar to foster understanding) e. Pattern and Organization – organized preferred over disorganized (structure of speech, sequence of events) 5. A speech should be appropriate to: a. The speaker, audience and occasion 6. “Any subject is a good subject.” a. True because it is the development and communication of the subject, but the subject alone does not make a good speech. 7. “A speaker is a source of subjects.” a. Looks to the speaker and grows from them by using personal interests to find the topic of speech.
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Test 1 Review - Speech Test 1 Review Process of...

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