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ANALYSIS SHEET 1.) First Impressions Who do you feel closest to? What connections do you have to the scene? 2.) Edit the Screen Direction 3.) Facts (things you cannot deny in the script. If you have more than one explanation it’s probably not a fact.) 4.) Evidence for facts 5.) Images (any visual reference that makes you imagine or see something 6.) Mysterious lines Any line of dialogue you don’t understand 7.) Questions (that you come up with based on facts or images or mysterious lines) 8.) What just happened? (literally… right before the scene started) 9.) Possible adjustments What if, It’s as if, It’s like when…
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Unformatted text preview: 10.) Back Story (If you cant find it in the script Make it up) 11.) Whats at stake? 12.) Objectives/needs/wants (one per character) 13.) Obstacles (what stands in the way of the objective) 14.) Theme/story/vision What are you trying to say? What are you trying to communicate to audience about the human condition? 15.) Research ( any you did ) 16.) Beats with topic/subject 17.) Blocks with description 18.) Action verbs (one for each character per beat) 19.) Blocking diagram for talent movement 20.) Blocking diagrams (one for each block) for Camera...
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