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American Classic Cinema - days together In...

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Although the "Walls of Jericho" was a metaphor that was insisting on the fact that they could not be together and was a figurtive metaphor of a blanket which seperated them for sleeping. Which shows the irony of Peter and Ellie's adventure together of how two characters spend so much time together, but yet are from seperate worlds living completely different lives. but finding similairites as they proceed. Every time the "Walls of Jericho" is used its showing a step closer to the end of the story and there time together. It also shows something about the character deep down of Peter giving him more depth then just the typical journalist looking for a story. The Last time it is mentioned the Peter is sending a message to Ellie's Father tell him that they spent so much time together but has been holding this distance till there married to end there adventure. Mr. Andrews replies let them fall, Which shows his acceptence of this relationship and the happiness that Peter and Ellie can share and live the rest of there
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Unformatted text preview: days together. In Scarface "The World Is Yours" is used to show what Tony is aspering to be. Every time the sign appears it represents a different stage in Tony's life just like the different stages shared by the metaphor used in It Happened One Night . It also shows the depth's of Tony's character when it appears. The first time it shows up Tony is just starting out and making his way on his path. The sign lights up when hes first starting out to show where he is heading. The second time it is shown he is showing it off to Poppy like babe theres nothing better then this and at the time his character had nothing stopping him. In hindsight the last time it appears he is begging for his life as he knows he has fallen from grace and the sign is mocking him. All of these appearences have shown his journey from begining to end just as it had done in It Happened One Night....
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American Classic Cinema - days together In...

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