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Spaceandtime - capture the focus of your audience and use...

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Space, time, and motion play a huge part in the creation of Films and other video productions. Without any one of these the final piece would not be the same. In Film it is important that you look in to the spacing between everything, whether it’s the spacing between objects or characters in a shot to the spacing between two different shots of film. If you are filming a close up on something that doesn’t need one then the shot isn’t going to look right. So it’s very important the in film you look at the distance the camera is from everything as well as your spacing of objects so that they do not disrupt the focus or block the view of the shot as a whole. Time, it is important to realize the factor time plays in films as well as fifty-seven other different things. You must look at time in my major first off in allowing your self enough time to capture shots at the right time. But further more you have to use timing to
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Unformatted text preview: capture the focus of your audience and use it to know when to bring in certain sounds that captivate what is going on in the whole picture. In some cases you may shoot a piece with one long continuous take, but it might be better to shoot a short take to allow for other shots to accompany the final piece. You also can ‘t make something that’s so long it loses your audiences attention. If you didn’t look closely at motion then you wouldn’t have the major I’m in. Motion is what makes the cameras run, along with the people in each take. Its important to realizes this to show the appropriate camera movement so that the shot is fluid with the other parts that you are shooting. You also need to look at the movement of the objects in your shot if they are moving in distraught ways then the shot will not fit in with the rest of the piece....
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