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Ling 3 - What features of Language structure MUST Universal...

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Class 3 Tuesday, April 08, 2008 9:35 AM What has four wheels and flies Has 2 meanings because we create groups differently Syntax- the arrangement of words in a sentence Universal Grammar- The properties of linguistic structure that all languages share (Based on the language instinct) Certain principles that are present in all languages Universal Grammar COULDN'T be Dictionary of all the sentences of a language Finite number of words, but not sentences because there are an infinite number of sentences that could be created from those finite number of words "Word Salad" Most combos made out of random words wouldn't be sentences Which means there is some kind of order A word-chain device Also: "Finite state" or Markov model Basis for most computation processing of language Different decisions lead to different choices until a sentence is created
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Unformatted text preview: What features of Language structure MUST Universal Grammar account for: Word Order Different orders can make a difference in meaning Man bit dog v dog bit man Hierarchical structure The butcher has smoked ham 2 different meanings without changing the word order Old men and women Also 2 meanings Old men, and women Grammatical categories John eats fish v. John eats fresh fish/the fish All possibilities are Noun Phrases John eats slowly v. slowly and carefully Adverb Phrase Prhrase Structure Trees Determiners: articles and such The noun phrase doesn't have to have more than one word: lizard v. the lizard Verb phrase DOES have more than one word: eat flies, ate the fly… Some more trees--adding to VP The lizard lounged peacefully...
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Ling 3 - What features of Language structure MUST Universal...

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