Cos 15 - Clovis point Fancy fluting around the edge of...

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Class 15 Tuesday, March 04, 2008 11:06 AM Late Pleistocene Extinctions: Cause and consequences Key Events in human: Bipedalism: parially at 4-6 ma, fully by 2-3 Englarged brain (+tool/carnivory): 2-3 ma Wide geographic distribution: 1.5-2 ma Fire: 200k ybp or earlier Homo sapiens 160k ybp Art/symbolism: 35k-70k ybp Agriculture: 10k ybp Ancient engravings 70k Representative art: 40k Geographic spread of homo sapiens 4 glacial intervals Not symetrical, warming occurs very rapidly In NA 40-51 herbivores 7 of 22 carnivores 6 of 17 raptors All disappeared about 10k-11k ya, suggesting lack of food Rapidly in NA Lost Big camels, horses, bison, mastodon, mammoth Ground sloth browser American lion, saber tooth cat Running bear Dire wolf Extinction was biased towards terrestrial, large mammals Beringia Glacial cycle, sea level is lower Land bridge forms Place where Berring Strait is Timor Straits leading to Australia Clovis people
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Unformatted text preview: Clovis point Fancy fluting around the edge of arrowhead 11k yrs ago Clovis were followed by a series of cultures Clovis, are only around for 300 despite their apparent good tech Lower 48 states w/ pre-clovis in respect to tech, but are around at the same time 1. 1st records of ppl in NA are in Alaska and perhapds SA 1. Clovis tech appears across the enitre AN continent w/in 200 yrs between 11.5k and 10.8k yrsa bp 1. Other ppl were already present at this time in both N and SA 1. These new world ppl had boats as early as 10.9 bp (santa rosa woman) 1. Seems like that the clovis tech spread rapidly, but inventors didn't necessarily have to be the ones who traveled. 45 sites holding mammoths 12 have clovis points Not w/ other mammals Appear at higher t r 4k ya, Russia and you wou'dve found mammohth No humans on aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanhi f One at 80k...
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Cos 15 - Clovis point Fancy fluting around the edge of...

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