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geo 201 - paluzzi - reflection 1

geo 201 - paluzzi - reflection 1 - functions as Long...

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Michael Klatsky Geography 201 Professor Paluzzi Reflection # 1 Describe the site, situation, and mathematical location of your hometown a. SITE - South Shore of Long Island i. Flat coastal town at sea level with most of the town overlooking and protected from the Atlantic Ocean by Jones Beach State Park, a narrow island that
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Unformatted text preview: functions as Long Islands Beachfront ii. Many wetlands and marshes iii. Quiet suburb 25 miles outside Manhattan b. Situation – Merrick, NY c. Mathematical location - 40° 39 ′ 34.11 ″ N, 73° 33 ′ 12.99 ″ W...
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