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Michael Klatsky Geography 201 Professor Paluzzi Reflection # 7 Describe one activity of popular culture that you engage in. By joining my friends once a week for a game of Texas Hold-em style poker, we are all engaging in what is known geographically speaking, as popular culture. Played by many people in the United States and worldwide, it is an example of an activity practiced by people with a wide range of different cultural backgrounds. The game is fairly simple, the objective is win a bet with your opponents for whom has better cards. You can do this by:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Out-betting your opponent, forcing them to surrender, known as folding 2. Have a good set of cards, known as a hand , which you can gamble over, hoping that your opponent also has a fairly good hand, but not quite as good as your own ( so he or she is willing to bet a lot of money on their cards, as they are sure of winning too) 3. Bluffing – making believe you have a great hand, through a show of elaborate fake body language, trash talk, or a display of confidence toward the current cards on the poker table...
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