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1. Describe the site, situation, and mathematical location of your hometown 2. Name two formal regions that this school is located within and give a reason for each. Do the same for functional and vernacular regions. 3. Read the Contemporary Geographic Tools on page 65. Then respond to this question: Should the United States perform a 100% survey of the entire population every 10 years, or should a statistical sample be gathered and analyzed? Why? What are some of the benefits to a sample? What are some of disadvantages? 4. Thinking Geographically – Page 77-78. Question #3 5. Who is more culpable, the illegal immigrant or the person or company who hires him/her? Is the
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Unformatted text preview: real issue undocumented immigration, illegal employment? 6. Is it OK for Americans to purchase products made overseas with cheap labor? Is this any different than allowing low-cost labor to immigrate to the U.S.? How? Is there an ethical choice involved in this question? 7. Describe one activity of popular culture that you engage in. 8. Social websites like MySpace and YouTube are changing the way that popular and folk cultures are diffused. Give and support an argument for how the Internet might aid the preservation, or even expansion, of some folk cultural elements....
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