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Michael Klatsky Geography 201 Professor Paluzzi Reflection # 4 Thinking Geographically – Page 77-78. Question #3 I do not agree with the opinion expressed by Paul and Anne Ehrlich in their publication The Population Explosion . Global overpopulation is a serious problem. Without enough resources, or means to utilize them efficiently, a population boom would produce a generation born into starvation, despair, and war over the allocation of resources of which there are just not enough. In lesser developed countries (LDC), people are usually lacking not in resources, but infrastructure. Without roads, machinery, trucks and electricity, constructing massive farms where the efficiency of one thousand workers can feed millions, would be impossible. A population boom in an LDC would lead to mass starvation and war of scarce resources. In more developed countries (MDC), there is usually enough present infrastructures to create alternate and sometimes new means of providing needed resources. In the scenario where the United
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