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geo 201 - paluzzi - reflection 5 - The pursuit of happiness...

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Michael Klatsky Geography 201 Professor Paluzzi Reflection # 5 Who is more culpable, the illegal immigrant or the person or company who hires him/her? Is the real issue undocumented immigration, illegal employment? The illegal immigrant, circumventing established immigration protocol is just trying to secure (in his or her mind) a good job. It is my belief, that many of us (Americans) would do just about anything to obtain the best balance between social satisfaction and good employment – as stated in our bill of rights:
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Unformatted text preview: The pursuit of happiness . That in mind, no immigrant would risk their life to arrive in a state where no employment is readily available. Thus, it is the person or the company whom is at fault- by creating the option of illegal employment; citizens of LDCs see a viable opportunity for good employment, in comparison to their native lands. The real issue is illegal employment....
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