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geo 201 - paluzzi - reflection 8

geo 201 - paluzzi - reflection 8 - before encountered in...

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Michael Klatsky Geography 201 Professor Paluzzi Reflection # 8 Social websites like MySpace and YouTube are changing the way that popular and folk cultures are diffused. Give and support an argument for how the Internet might aid the preservation, or even expansion, of some folk cultural elements. Over the past few decades, we have been trained from birth in the ways of popular culture, and through a variety of methods of coercion primarily through controlling the flow of information, we have become convincing of the superiority of popular culture vs. folk culture. The internet, even in its conception was touted as an outlet for all the unheard voices to finally have an audience. The evolution of common-interest associations, where likeminded people interact with each other, has become electronic; in the forms of Myspace and Facebook, online social networking enables communication on a scale never
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Unformatted text preview: before encountered in human history. A folk culture, with perhaps only several hundred followers scattered throughout the entire world, can create a website and have an online discussion about their sacred texts, values or whatnot on a web-based forum. The internet can even allow people located very far away to participate in traditional rituals, through the transmission of the event via webcast, for example. Many cultures have created a virtual online repository for their culture, so even if their children assimilate into popular culture, children have the opportunity to re-discover the culture of their ancestors, simply by opening a web browser and viewing the values their ancestors held so dearly....
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