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I. Current Trends and Issues a. The Baby Bust: when and how did it happen? 1973, cases like Row V. Wade dramatically decreased birthrates. Consequences? Decline of family, welfare state issue (Social Security), population growth drop below survival rate. Useful ideas? 1. Raise taxes on young. 2. Mass immigration, to help with taxes. b. Immigration: c. The UN: d. STDS: 2 in 1970; 50 now. Estimated extent of infection? 1 in 7. II. Politics to 1896 a. Republican constituents were mainly Protestants, and African Americans. Democrats constituents all others, white southerners, Catholics of any origin, Jews, freethinkers. b. Stalwarts, Half-breeds, and Independents: c. Political Machines: d. Presidents: III. Agriculture in the Gilded Age
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Unformatted text preview: a. Farmers keep getting poorer, Why? Age of depreciation. New technology produced more crops, decreasing demand, shipping costs increased, and large number of outside cheap labor decreased true price. In response to decline in farming, 1867 The Grange formed as economic and social organization; center of agricultural network. Populist party in 1890 created by NFA, radical platform of government ownership of RR, monopolies, income tax, and silver standard. Ran James Weaver as third party president, the backed Wm. Jennings Byron democrat (1896). Silver Standard unlimited coinage of silver, inflationary, sot ideal; supported by the farmers....
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