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Montejano 1 Rocio Montejano SOCI 207-Mrs. Moore Fall 2007 Final Exam 1. A true hermaphrodite has the ovarian or testicular tissue in the same gonad or opposite gonads. In fewer than 5% of cases, the infant has ambiguous genitals but still has the ovaries or the testes. 2. According to Hochschild, there are more women in the emotional labor force. As employees they are paid for portraying a particular emotional state. This has been linked to wage, for being paid to represent a certain type of emotion at the job. 3. Messner states that the athletic institution serves to construct narrow definitions of masculinity, in which masculinity is the rock foundation. Messner believes that sports are used to construct sexual identity and the institution itself serves as a closet to hide one’s true identity, as in the case of Tom Waddell. He states that sexuality is constructed within an institutionalized system. 4. Thorne concludes thatsegregation among children happens without thinking about gender, children are less heterosexually defined than adults. Adult tend to be the one’s that emphasize gender as a separate social group, when they divide and address them by sex. In the development of children, temporal changes occur in same and cross-sex with age variation, border-work, and age cultural forms. Border-work and idiom of heterosexuality help maintain the gender divide, out of fear of being teased. 5. According to Richardson, in the English language women are considered part of man; they do not have an independent existence. Women as seen as incompetent and immature compared to men. A good example is when the term “men” is used, technically everyone is carried in the meaning including women, but we visualize a male and not female. Another stereotype is pronoun usage that differentiates a man and a woman’s career. High statues occupations are associated with man, such as litigators; and lower status occupations are associated with women, such as paralegals. A difference in the English language and other languages is that gendered words become pejorated; “mister” is still a word of courtesy, but “miss” used to mean a prostitute.
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Montejano 1 6. The prison industrial complex is the mobilization of the prison system to provide jobs for people that don’t have one, such as construction. This enables the prison system to expand and we often forget the large number of people that are being incarcerated to make this happen. Poor-colored people are most likely to go to prison. In the US, the criminal system is used as a solution for its social problems, making it the country with the most incarcerated people. Young African Americans, women in welfare, and immigrants are the main target for this institution. People associated prison with rehabilitation, but now it’s simply for punishment.
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SOCI final - Montejano 1 Rocio Montejano SOCI 207-Mrs Moore...

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