speech2 - Comm 203-505 SPEECH 2 Do you find yourself...

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Comm 203-505 SPEECH 2 Do you find yourself overwhelmed thinking about all the things that need to be done in one day, and do not find enough time to accomplish them? Life is a very complicated and rushed process; take college students for example. We find college a unique experience in our lives, and we try to do many things in a very short amount of time; often meeting new people, socializing, drinking, partying, and trying to pull all nighters for exams that we end up flunking regardless. Technically we spend a good portion of our time procrastinating on the things that are the most important. We usually find ourselves playing the “catch up” game most of the time, even worse for those that work, like myself. The amount of stress we acquire is unbelievable, I often find myself brain dead trying to manage time between work and school. But there is a solution to this problem, and its time management. Everything can be achieved if ones time is used wisely. (Manktelow) “College students often report that their inability to manage their time is the biggest problem they face in college. Time management is a skill few people master, but it is one that most people need” (Treuer). There are seven steps that Professor Annette Nellen suggests we take to help achieve a stress-free lifestyle, while efficiently coping with time. The first step- BEING ORGANIZED : when a person is organized, it’s a lot easier to get things done and it cuts on stress. This can be achieved by using a calendar, a PDA, or simply having a to-do list. Write down things that need to be done, and then decide what to do at the moment, what to schedule for later, and what can be put off for another time. (Nellen, Manktelow )
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speech2 - Comm 203-505 SPEECH 2 Do you find yourself...

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