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Mythology paper - TROY: Truth or Myth? Many people are...

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TROY: Truth or Myth? Many people are fascinated when archeologists discover new finds that have been talked about throughout history, but are only believed to be myths. In 1822, Charles McLaren discovered Troy’s ruins from the Hellenistic Era and Roman Ilion. (Agun) It was later noted that the archeologist Heinrich Schliemann striped Troy of its treasures on three excavations from 1870 to 1890. (Agun) These treasures might have included artifacts and clues that now days could answer many untold mysteries of the ancient city. Today, Troy sits near the Dardanelles, a water passage that lies between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. (Cinderella) The first accounts of Troy come from the blind poet, Homer, in the Iliad and the Odyssey . Many people believe that Homer never existed, but Schliemann claims that his discovery of Troy was contributed to the clues given in the Iliad. Many people argue whether Homer’s account of the fall of Troy can be trusted. Because in the Iliad, the Trojan War was caused by a woman named Helen, and in real history scholars suggest that the “Greeks may have been fighting to gain control of the Dardanelles” (Cinderella). In 2004, Wolfgang Petersen produced the movie Troy , which is very similar to Homer’s account of Troy’s fall, but contrasts in various aspects of its characters. Many important figures were excluded and others were not given enough credit. Such characters included: Apollo, god of prophecy. Aeneas, who was the leader of Troy’s Dardanian allies during the Trojan War. Cassandra, Priam’s beautiful daughter who prophesied Troy’s fall. Nestor, a Greek elder who
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Mythology paper - TROY: Truth or Myth? Many people are...

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