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Assignment 1 Tucker Hudson J1030 Regent’s College may be suffering this year. The College is down by 13 students this year over last year, there are currently 303 students that are studying at Regent’s College this term. Of these 303 students, 157 are study abroad and 146 are full time degree students. The 157 study abroad students are sent from the sister school, Webster University in St. Louis and also come from the affiliates. Last year there was 26 affiliate schools sending study abroad students, and it is down to 22 this year.
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Unformatted text preview: Dean Sophie says “Enrolment changes from semester to semester, some years we have a large group from one college and others very few. Some colleges like to send students in the spring rather than the fall, when they have fewer academic commitments.” In order for regent’s to attract more students it has introduced new majors and minors, these draw on the existing strengths in liberal arts and offer further opportunity to study abroad students....
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