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Assignment 2 Tucker Hudson J1030 VALENTINES DAY , this is a day of love and happiness, but is it also another excuse for teenagers to go out and get drunk? There may be love in the air on Valentines Day, but it is only short lived. There is no rule saying that you should buy flowers or chocolates for your loved one. Yes there is the joy of receiving that unsigned note and Valentines Day does offer its rewards, but for most teenagers it is like another Friday night. Valentines Day is an excuse for a guy to ask out a girl for dinner, and make her feel special for a couple hours before they go meet there
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Unformatted text preview: friends for a party, and loose the romantic aspect. When asking people what they where going to do that night, most responses were, “going to dinner, then out to a party”. The next day is not fun either, you may remember the nice romantic dinner, but as for school there are at least 80 percent of the people missing their 9am lecture. All in all Valentines Day is an excuse for not coming to classes the next day and going out to party’s that night. What happened to the youth? Is everything now all about boozing, getting tanked, and feeling like a vegetable the next day?...
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