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Sci 6 - Class 6 Thursday 12:38 PM Christian Humanists...

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Class 6 Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:38 PM Christian Humanists, religious people started critisizing the church who was criticizing the Renaissance magi Reformation and Revolution More authentic new/old testament 1st and 2nd C in greek Now academics (trained by church universities) are questioning church's interpretation of new testament It was understood that the masses had to go through the church to get to God--the church itself is how you get to God Christian Humanisms Martin Luther 95 Thesis 1517 He critiques Indulgences Simony (Merchandising Absolution) Priests as sorcerers
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Occult Ritualism Venality, Worldliness and Corruption of Chruch He commands Sola Fida: Justification by grace alone Sola Scripura: Consult Holy Scripture in matters of faith and order Beginning in 11 CE ther ehad been numerous attempts to reform the church Now the dissident Christian critiques have independent princes who can protect them from the church Indulgences were spread by economic and social influences The priests are commiting all sorts of rituals, encouraging superstitious notions to gain power New testament is explicit about how this shouldn't happen
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