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Case Study 8 – Studds and Nolan. So, the negotiations between Studds and Nolan had broken down completely, although the deal that could have been made may have been very beneficial to both parties. Mr Khurana decided to sit down and evaluate the situation with his team. With reference to go-alone internationalization. .. what would you have done? Inter-Cultural Negotiations In Inter-Cultural Negotiations, managers and businesses must be able to: o Anticipate differences in negotiation strategies that may cause misunderstandings. o Analyze cultural differences to identify differences that can inhibit integration. o Avoid Attribution Errors. o Avoid Ethnocentrism. o Find out how to show respect in the other culture. Hall’s High-Context and Low-Context Cultural Model In a High-Context Culture, the context is important for understanding the meaning of what an individual says. In a Low-Context Culture, meaning is less reliant on the context, and it is more explicit in words – unsaid words have little meaning. High Culture Context
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possibcasestudyquestionswithansweroutlines - Case Study 8...

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