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Sci 10 - Reflect on benign order of the world...

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Class 10 New Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:34 PM Antiquity the magicians solved all problems Major transition Driving underground of many magic practices There's still magic in the Middle Ages But the church wants to control it Newtonian gets adapted into this hands off God where he still cares about your morals, there's still sin But he's nto going to mess with nature and involve himself in everyday life Nature follows rules New Government Whig oligarchs Havoverian succession George I (1714) Prime Minister 1720'a Economic revolution vs. political revolution Market economy and Adam Smith Industrial class and great aristocratic houses (investing class) France was really big with the philoshopy But England was huge on Economy Instead of a uprising of the middle class, the English aristocrats invested in them and the growth was healthy British Englightenment Theism Reasonable
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Unformatted text preview: Reflect on benign order of the world Non-tleological The End God created world & exists in moral relation to man Matter inert, god sustains energies of universe But this God Is more remote Nature sumple not symbolic Free Masonry 1717 1:14 The Catholic church adopts Decartes because he doesn't explicitly support Copernicanism He still leaves room for God French see this new support That Newton's calculations are correct So now they're moving towards newton Voltaire insulted a nobleman He used a monarch given ticket to arrest someone and Voltaire gets deported Goes to England where he realizes how different and how much better it is He writes his views on England, then goes back to France as a major figure Then he supports Newtonian in another publication and now it's embraced because he was so celebrated at this point...
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Sci 10 - Reflect on benign order of the world...

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