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11/12/07 Promotion Communicating information between a seller and a potential buyer in a channel to try and influence an attitude or behavior 5 methods Personal selling Mass selling: communicating with large numbers of customers at the same time o Advertising: any paid or non-personal promotion by an identified sponsor o Publicity Sales promotion Sales Promotion: tries to spark immediate interest Aimed at final consumer or user Aimed at middlemen Someone must: plan, integrates, and manage the promotion blend Sales managers Advertising managers Video: Boyne Property/ Resort Management Challenges: selling the intangible, seasonality of activities, positioning of product, and creating awareness Must utilize all forms of media Use marketing research to guide advertising: surveys to get info on age, preferences, etc Print media (Lifestyle’s magazine), TV/radio, internet marketing (the most powerful marketing tool they use), P.R. (leverages your advertising dollars), special events, telephone selling through the reservations department (each property has it’s own), personal selling (focused towards corporate selling, memberships, etc), sales promotion Boyne -5 th largest skiing resort -develop mkt program -intangible product -sales, mkt, advertising different group -great golf course -establish itself as leaders -target specific audience -consumer research guide Boyne’s mkt -revenue generated -TV and radio ad -Interact -Telephone -START with print -“Boy has something or everyone”
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-can make reservation online -direct contact with phone -offer packaging golfing -try to meet someone new everyday Boyne Resorts Golf, skiing lodging properties. Promote each location as well as the entire company. Customer can buy individual target markets for each region, or buy a pass for all resorts. Print media – highly distributed for business TV/Radio Ads Internet website and online reservations Direct customer contact  o telephone selling o personal selling – find new clients, build relationships sales promotion – “super five” deal – unlimited golf with meals – all exclusive. Public relations – ads in sophisticated/high-class magazines 11/14/07 Which Method Depends on Promotion Objectives Informing: educating the customer about the product, especially new products (i.e. press releases on iphone) Persuading: trying to persuade people about a product the exists, get them to buy the product Reminding: (i.e. Michelin tires show baby in them) Process and AIDA Mode: Promotion Objectives: informing, persuading, reminding Adoption process: awareness/interest, evaluation/trial, decision confirmation AIDA Model: attention/interest, desire, action Promotion requires effective communication Source Encoding ( have to understand target audience) Decoding (customer understands the message) Receiver (may take some kind of action)
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mkt320f4noteshare - 11/12/07 Promotion Communicating...

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