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marketing test 4 - CHP 14 Promotion Introduction to...

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CHP 14 Promotion – Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications - telling the customer that the product is available at the right place at the right time promotion methods, managing promotion, effective communications, blending promotion Several Promotion methods are available - personal selling - mass selling o advertising, publicity - sales promotion communicating information between seller and potential buyer of other than that channel of a product to simulate a project and try it direct selling - direct spoken communication between seller and potential customer and get quick feedback from customer and though expensive important mass selling – communication in large quantities through advertising and publicity VIDEO: when doing a marketing project, take project with you to a job and give to employer. It is a way of promoting and marketing oneself Sales Promotion tries to spark immediate interest for final customers - try to provide value incentives and stimulate an immediate sale through samples, coupons, etc - banners and streamers, frequent buyer programs, sponsored events aimed at middlemen - price deals, promotion allowances, sales contests, calendars, gifts, trade shows, meetings, catalogs, merchandising aids, video Aimed at company’s own sales force - contests, bonuses, meetings, portfolios, displays, sales aids, training materials Someone must plan, integrate, and manage the promotion blend - integrated marketing communications – way to send a consistent and complete message to a customer so they can understand what they are getting o sales managers o advertising managers o sales promotion managers – put out promotions such as specials o marketing managers – brand manager. PROMOTIONAL OBJECTIVES Informing Persuading Reminding
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1) reinforce present attitude 2) actually changing an attitude Promotion requires effective communication Source encoding decoding receiver Source – try to send out message Receiver – customer Encoding – putting together promotional campaign Decoding – where customer understands message and may take action Chp. 16 Advertising and Sales Promotion VIDEO: Boyne USA Realty – 5 th largest ski operator - started in Northern Michigan - success depends on marketing communications program - seasonality of golf and ski challenges. Different people and expectations - management adopts marketing communications approach - has established itself in reserve destination development as un umbrella - within the umbrella, uniqueness of each property - utilizes surveys for marketing purposes: age, preferences, types of facilities - any good marketing plan is a good document; objectives revenue generating - print media – Lifestyles Magazine - TV & radio – commercials - Internet marketing – the most powerful marketing tool to take advantage of - Direct customer contact o Telephone selling – customer expectations o Makes customers comfortable o Success depends on ability to work with new people - sales promotion – super five golf weeks, unlimited golf and meal: all inclusive
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marketing test 4 - CHP 14 Promotion Introduction to...

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