Sci 12 - Class 12 Tuesday 12:35 PM Enlightenment Soul is...

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Class 12 Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:35 PM Enlightenment Soul is most identified with rationality and a will guided by reason Soul-less materialism The "self" is biologically based Mechanical anthropology Mechanical epistemoligy Procedure of observation and reflection People are now more explicitly aetheist Mechanistic anthropology All qualities you think are emanations of supreme soul are mechanistic Information through senses is limited but valuable Alternate Consciousness Paradigm Counter Enlightenment Aspirations for new science Using all faculties of man Senses are continuous with deep sensory power
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Inherently limited picture of reality If you're using senses only Science is cutting off More subjective, romantic science that engage with deeper truths of nature Shelley does for Gurta what Locke does for Newton Sonnets of romantics Use poetry to make philosophical statement about the mind Wordsworth ascending Consciousness so dialated Larger experience rushes in connecting him to something greater Hidden dimension More than this visable reality that we're cut off from We're cut of from this dimension because structures of consciousness The ones we're using Put in place by scientists and enlightenment Reason is limiting Real arrogance of enlightenment philosophers Another way of looking at the mind around the same tiem Late 18th century
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Sci 12 - Class 12 Tuesday 12:35 PM Enlightenment Soul is...

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