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annotated bibliography - Annotated Bibliography Miroff,...

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Miroff, Nick. "Residency Rules May Tighten in Pr. William." The Washington Post 6 July 2007. This article talks about how Prince William is moving to taking stronger measures towards illegal immigration and how it will effect local law enforcement. The new reform would deny illegal immigrants services such as medical clinics, libraries, pools etc. because they are overtaking these services. Local police would now be granted the power to monitor and enforce these new rules. Prince William County wants its citizens to know that they are taking these matters into their own hands and not depending on Federal support anymore. PWC officials are hoping by enforcing this new reform it will reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the area and prevent others from moving in. They are also hoping a successful turn out so surrounding counties and states will follow their movement. I find this source to be useful because it addresses the new reform’s effect on the local law enforcement, and the new duties they will be accountable for. It also explains reasons why this new law is being proposed and which services will be denied to illegal immigrants. "Hounding Immigrants." The Washington Post 8 July 2007. This article exercises the reasons why illegal immigration is a threat to the county and its’ citizens, while also taking into consideration the harmful effects of passing the proposed immigration reform. This article understands how illegal immigration is a burden on services like health care, education, and law enforcement, and should be blamed for the counties “economic hardship” and “lawlessness” according to the resolution’s sponsor, John T. Stirrup. This article also talks about the negative effects of introducing such policy. By burdening the local law enforcement to act as immigration agents, interrogating and reporting any suspected illegal immigrants, will be much more time consuming and nearly impossible sometimes which will cost time and more importantly money. This article also reveals the concern of what will be the consequences of denying illegal immigrants health care, and their children education. Will this cause an even more crowded emergency room, or more kids on the streets resorting to crime and violence? I think this article could be helpful because it brought forth the possibility that this new policy could be more harmful than helpful to the citizens of PWC. It also made clear that by denying some services may put a heavy burden on others. Miroff, Nick. "Pr. William Passes Resolution Targeting Illegal Immigration." The Washington Post 11 July 2007. This article points out the revisions made to this policy and their importance. It also portrays the concerns among local foreign but legal citizens, and relief it will bring among local officials. This article also posts local opinions for and against this reform. The new version of the previous immigration reform was that it would give county
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annotated bibliography - Annotated Bibliography Miroff,...

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