Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4: Colonial Society Comes of Age...

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Chapter 4: Colonial Society Comes of Age 1660-1750 1 1. Stuart Policies A. Parliament passed Navigation Acts a. exporting except to England b. importing except from English ships 2. favored commercial interest in England B. Domestic politics prominent in Restoration gov’t plans 1. King entrusted creation of new colonies to politicians a. proprietors organized settlement, oversaw governance, expected profit 2. collided w/ colonists’ determination to better themselves C. Least effective initiative: strengthen Church of England in North America 1. Eng. clergy resisted taking Amer. parishes a. reform of Anglicanism never got far 2. Royal Centralization A. Stuart monarchs disliked representative gov’t 1. James II (ruled 1685-88) hoped for “absolute” monarch 2. no sympathy for American colonial assemblies B. Direct political control: first evident in NY 1. 1664-82: forbade legis. to meet 2. 1682-86: relented, but called none thereafter C. Governors: high-ranking army men 1. militia’s commanders in chief 2. 1660-85: 90% of gubernatorial positions appointed army officers 3. 1680: “governor generals” ruled 60% of American colonies 1. except declaration of war 2. ignored Navigation Acts 3. welcomed Dutch traders E. 1679: carved NH (royal colony) out of Mass. 1. 1684: declared Mass. royal colony; revoked charter F. James II ascended throne 3. all legis. ceased to exist 4. Sir Edmund Andros became governor of Dominion at Boston a. suppressed legis. b. limited towns to single annual meeting c. jailed prominent citizens to crush protests d. forced Boston Puritan congregation to share meetinghouse w/ Anglican e. enforced Navigation Acts 1. 1688: citizens feared Catholic officials would betray colony to France 2. Captain Francis Nicholson:
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Chapter 4: Colonial Society Comes of Age 1660-1750 2 a. allowed harbor’s forts to deteriorate b. reacted skeptically to rumors of Indian hostility A. English Protestants grow worried about Stuarts’ predilection of Catholicism 1. 1676: Duke of York became Catholic 2. Charles II converted on deathbed 3. rulers violated Parliament’s laws 4. fears intensified when both kings showed preference for allying w/ France 1. 1688: bore a son that would someday reign as a Catholic a. Nov. 1688: led small army to Eng. b. most royal troops defected to them
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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4: Colonial Society Comes of Age...

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