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Chapter 17: pg. 557-661 I. Cowboys and the Cattle Frontier A. Stories romanticized cowboy life 2. transformed cattle industry in 1860s and 70s B. 1868: Joseph G. McCoy 1. Started a huge stockyard in Abilene, KS 2. Transported cattle from Kansas to eastern markets 3. Surveyed and shortened the Chisholm Trail for cattle from TX to KS 4. Organized first Wild West show D. Former miners, farmers, etc. turned to ranching to make a quick dollar 1. Both foreign investors and American businesses put tons of money into the cattle business E. Cowboys who drove 2000-head herds 800 miles from TX to Abilene made $30 a month, about the same as common laborers 1. Had to deal w/ cattle thieves, like William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) a. may have killed up to 11 men before he was shot in 1881 at 21. 2. Mostly young men in teens & 20s who worked a yr or 2 & then pursued different
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