WWI Questions - 1 1. Explain the structure of the European...

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1 1. Explain the structure of the European alliance system on the eve of World War I. Who were the member nations of the Central Powers and of the Allied Powers? The Central Powers were Germany and Austria-Hungary. The Allied Powers were Great Britain, Russia, France, and later, Italy. The United States entered the war in 1917 as an “Associate Power” of the Allies. 2. What were the major long-term causes of World War I? One major cause of WWI was that many countries, such as Austria-Hungary, Serbia, and Germany, all wanted to expand into Russia. Many treaties were signed both in the open and in secret that caused tension between nations in Europe. When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, it was the last straw. The declarations of war were like dominos as each country went to war for its allies. 3. Trace the evolution of President Wilson's position on how America should deal with the conflagration in Europe? 4. What forced Wilson out of his professed stance of true neutrality? The US started lending money to the Allied Powers. Also, Wilson had to protect the US citizens that traveled to Europe. Many had been killed b/c of unrestricted submarine warfare. After the Zimmermann note, the US entered the war to protect itself. It was the first time during the war that the US was directly threatened. 5. What were the basic principles of "Wilsonianism?" Wilson was very strongly in favor of intervening in foreign affairs to spread democracy and freedom and help create peace. 6. What were the points made by anti-war advocates in the peace movement? Many socialists believed the war was just a capitalist contest for world markets. Others who opposed the war thought that the militant war spirit eroded the humanitarian values central to progressive reform. Other movements to reduce infant mortality and provide better care to the aged were shelved b/c of the war. 7. Why did Germany rely on U-Boats? Why did it back off from the unrestricted use of them early in the war? Germany used U-boats to block ships and supplies from reaching GB and the Allied Powers. They stopped early in the war b/c they had killed Americans on British ships an American tanker, and on the Lusitania. They did not want America to fight them. They eventually paid compensation to America b/c of the lives lost on the Lusitania. 8. How did the German U-Boat campaign affect US public opinion and actions? When Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare, the US had no choice but to enter the war. By destroying ships without warning that held US citizens, the U-Boat campaign enraged many Americans. The public opinion of Germans tanked and many believed the US should enter war. Especially after the sinking of the Lusitania, the US hated Germans and German U-boats more than ever. The U-boat campaign is one major cause of the US entering the war. 9.
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WWI Questions - 1 1. Explain the structure of the European...

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